Sunday, September 12, 2010

Organizing Kids' Chore Charts

I don't know about your kids, but mine need structure in place to get their jobs done. AND a reward system. Otherwise I am constantly telling and reminding (as well as demanding, nagging, pleading, threatening, bribing, etc.) my children to do things around the house. Not only does it help me out, they learn that they are part of a family to contribute to with their own responsibilities, and they learn a great work ethic.

So there are many systems that you could implement in your house. I'll share what we do. I've printed off one of these charts for each of my kids (this one has been on the frig for a while, so it's a little wrinkly).I typed out some of their jobs for the morning, and then for the evening. I am having them put just a slash / if they do the job. They get an X (2 slashes together) if they do the job without my having to tell them several times and if they don't complain and they do it all by themselves (within reason of course). Then if they get an appropriate numbers of X's after 1 or 2 weeks (depends on your kids' attention spans) then they draw a piece of paper from our "X Reward Jar."Some of the rewards are:
  1. Family Movie Night with popcorn
  2. Trip to the Dollar Store
  3. 15 minutes FREE computer time (anytime they want...normally we have specific "electronic" times of the day)
  4. Trip to the park
  5. Order pizza
  6. Piece of candy
  7. Happy Meal from fast food joint
  8. $1.00 each (that they DO NOT have to pay savings on....but of course they still have to pay tithing)
  9. 15 minutes FREE on the Wii (anytime they want)
  10. Help make a batch of cookies
I tried to come up with rewards that were things that we don't usually do (I know...we should go to the park more....we don't go as much as I should take them!) in order to make it fun.

If you'd like a copy of my chore chart, leave a comment with your email and I'll send you the Excel file. Mine doesn't have images, because I found that I didn't know how to add images in Excel, but you could draw little sketches next to the chore, or figure out how to make one with the images (I'm sure there are many who are more technologically savvy than I). I looked online as well and found a few places where you could create your own chore chart:

1) DLKT's Custom Chore Charts
2) Chore Charts
3) Free Printable Behavior Charts.

I'd love to hear if you all have any systems that work well in your home. I'd love some new ideas.


  1. This is cool AM! I'm pretty excited about those rewards, myself :) Sounds like a good way to get the kids to do things on their own!

  2. Anne Marie...I think this is great, also!!! I've fantasized about making charts for Evan, Tara, and M.B. for YEARS, because I don't like having to listen to Mom constantly ask them to do their chores (I don't mean that they all had a hard time...sometimes one or two of them did, though)...anywho, great idea, which I'll keep in mind.
    (Oh, just so you know, I made a job chart for my roommates and me several months ago...not completely effective [no cool rewards], but definitely helpful.)

  3. I really like your rewards ideas. My kids would love them!

  4. HiAnne Marie,
    Just found your blog and it's such a great idea..You have great tips and ideas...I just became a follower and will come back often. I love to organize. Such satisfaction... If only it could stay that way...haha...I recently started a blog of my own and would love it if you'd check it out..
    thanks, Mariaelena

  5. I've the ideas of the rewards! Those are fun ones!

  6. I've = i love, curse auto-spell checker replacer