Monday, August 16, 2010

Dejunking the Junk Drawer!

I have been wanting to dejunk my junk drawer for far too long. Here's my before picture:As you can see by a couple little baskets hidden in there, I have attempted to organize this before, but apparently it didn't really work for me. So today I did some revamping, and here's how it went:So, what I did was dump everything out of the drawer (you could do it on a dry towel so that your counter or carpet doesn't get little paper scraps and crumbs everywhere) and then made three piles. 1) to throw away 2) the stuff I wanted to keep IN the drawer and 3) stuff I didn't want to toss, but needed to be put somewhere else. Then I took these handy little baskets/containers and organized! (You can buy these little baskets at Wal-mart or any dollar store). I even put baby jars in a long basket for little things (like tacks, paper clips, safety pins) and then in the back I put clean yogurt cups for different sized batteries and also my twistie ties. And that plastic baggie in front of the yogurt cups are batteries to discard. I'd rather recycle them at the library than throw them in the trash. Here's a website that you can enter your zip code and find a local collection site to recycle your (rechargeable) batteries (apparently regular batteries are harder to find recycling locations for).

Back to the drawer. As you can see I have a container for pens/markers, and the back container has "tool" objects like a screw driver, measuring tape, super glue, etc. That's so I don't have to go dig in the garage every time I need one of these items.

So that's my new junk drawer! Now I want to challenge each of you to dejunk YOUR junk drawer and then tell me about it!


  1. Looks good! I use baby food containers for hair things--they come in handy, huh?

  2. wow looks awesome! wish my junk drawer was like that but mine is all junk that i'd love to throw out but my husband probably wouldnt let me. maybe i'll throw acouple things away each day and maybe he wont notice.

    thanks for the link about the batteries. i have a huge container of batteries that need to be recycled.

  3. Your junk drawer is beautiful! I also love the shower curtain rod idea in your laundry room mentioned in the previous post. Great ideas!

  4. I have loved reading your blog. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation.

  5. Can you come over and do my drawers? I love the little glass jars you used, very smart.

    New follower from "Organize your stuff now" I linked up too!

    Hope you are surviving your awful weather. Stay warm. I use to live in Rockford and I hear they got hit hard!


  6. looks so organized now. The baby food jars are a great idea. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.